Our slate table mats are made from Welsh slate mined from local quarries in Blaenau Ffestiniog. They are blue grey in colour but appear darker after we treat them with linseed oil. They are very easy to clean with a hot dish cloth - superficial marks and scratches disappear like magic after appying a little olive oil to the surface and wiping dry. They have a felt style backing to protect your table. Do not use in a dish washer - use a hand brush to remove crumbs from the backing. If a mat gets wet from spillage dry it out by standing on its edge. The backing will dry out without damage. Computer screens often alter an image colour. Please be assured the colour of the slate is uniform.


There is a choice of three edges

Square cut

The edge is cut at 90 degrees using a diamond saw.




Bevelled edge

The edge has a 45 degree 50% bevel. This enhances their appearance and are nicer to handle




Dressed Edge

This gives the mats a rustic appearance. They should be handled carefully as the edges can be a little rough to handle.




To order from our range of slate table mats on line please click the "Slate Table Mats" link on the left of the home page. There is a minimum order value for coasters of £10.00 and a minimum order value for mats and coasters of £25.00